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As the title (I hope) suggests, I’ll be focusing on heritage collections and all aspects of their care and management.  I look after Special Collections that include rare books, archives, pamphlets, digital material, maps, ephemera, so expect to see all these formats covered at some point!

The cold climate alludes to our Yorkshire setting – well, we are on top of quite a steep hill so it can get a bit breezy.  Also to the need to store heritage collections in appropriate cool conditions …

Most of all though, to the economic and political situation.  As I write this, we are just learning of the potential devastation to higher education,  in the 2010 comprehensive spending review, following on from the Browne report.  Even in organisations which weather the storm, curators and the users of their collections will be working, learning, teaching, researching in a climate of retrenchment, cuts and fear.  Local authorities, the arts, and other public sector people and their audiences will also be hard hit.

Now more than ever we need to link with colleagues, to reach out to the public, and to show our value to those who fund our work.