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I’m really pleased that this just happens to be the first content-rich post on this blog.  It illustrates a point I seem to be making every day to different people, and that in some ways is the over-riding theme of this blog.  In difficult times, we should not curl up and hide, retreat to what we know, but dare to reach out, make new connections, and try new ideas.

Anyway, yesterday I went to the launch of Community Partnerships at the University of Bradford.  It brings together communities and University staff and students to work together for mutual benefit.    Users of the NHS  advise on the content of courses at the School of Health, Arts on Campus work with  schools on conflict resolution, students do all kinds of voluntary work locally.  Special Collections links with many different local institutions, including the Peace Museum, West Yorkshire Archives Service, and Ilkley Literature Festival.

It’s good to be able to praise my organisation wholeheartedly.  This commitment is more than just ticking boxes, it dates back to the early days of the University.  Which is another story.