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Canadian archivist Adam Crymble has written about the use of social media by the archive community.  His article is published in Archivaria, but he has helpfully made it available online.  Here is his blog post about the piece, with link to the full text of the article. Adam followed Canadian, US and UK archives and archivists, and analysed their use of Facebook and Twitter.

I found the article really interesting and think it will offer useful pointers to heritage organisations exploring outreach via these methods.   The methods used will also help others wishing to research social media use.  My own experiences in using social media match his conclusions e.g. the contrast between archival institutions who mainly tweet about their own content and individuals who share interesting things, whether their own or other people’s, sometimes archival, but often relating to fun, cake, weather, or transport!  I’m writing a follow-up post to this one on my use of the two media discussed by Adam.