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I wrote the entry on J.B. Priestley for a new encyclopaedia, which will be an essential resource for those studying literature.  The Encyclopedia of Twentieth-Century Fiction is published by Wiley-Blackwell this December.

Arranged into three volumes covering British and Irish Fiction, American Fiction, and World Fiction, the encyclopaedia includes over 500 entries, and (to quote the web page):

  • “Features major writers and their key works.
  • Covers all genres and sub-genres of fiction in English across the twentieth-century, including crime fiction, science fiction, chick lit, the noir novel, naturalist fiction, and the avant-garde novel.
  • Deals with the major movements, debates, and rubrics within the field (Angry Young Men fiction, censorship and the novel, globalisation and the novel, modernist fiction, fiction and the film industry, historiographic metafiction, and rewritings of canonical English narratives)”.

I’ll add links to reviews as they appear.