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The Yorkshire Rapid Response Network has been busy!

One of the small museums in the Network suffered damage to its unique collections over Christmas, caused by a burst pipe.  Thanks to the Network, the museum folk had plenty of help, were able to use the emergency kit, and have space and assistance with drying out.  Given the cold weather in December, and the number of burst pipe stories I saw on twitter and the local news, I was surprised we didn’t have more incidents within the Network.

The Network is offering more of its practical training events in January.  I’m going to one on business continuity tomorrow and another on working with the emergency services next week.  Useful!  What I like about these courses is that the speakers are insurance people, loss adjusters, firefighters etc. so we get an insight into their way of working and thinking (and vice versa of course).  Reports to follow …

And finally, the Network is becoming permanent.  It began as a Heritage Lottery funded project created by YOMMS (Yorkshire Medium Museum Services) following the 2007 floods, but it is has now been transformed into a sustainable independent group with its own income from the small subscriptions charged to members.  The new constitution will be signed by founder members at the event next week.