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Updates on cuts and campaigns:

Save Our Libraries Day

Image from CILIP

The Voices for the Library website has been revamped: there’s masses of information about library cuts and campaigns.  Check out the CILIP page for details of Save Our Libraries Day (5 February).

On Friday, Archives-nra, the UK archivists’ mailing list, contained some very worrying stories of proposed cuts to local authority archive services.  As I know from my many contacts, these  services are already operating with minimal funding, so this is serious.

The concern about these cuts is not only that services to people now will be damaged (offices may close, hours will certainly be cut, cataloguing backlogs will grow), but record-keeping will suffer.  Now that most records are digital, benign neglect is not an option: if action is not taken early in their lifecycle, they will not survive for the future.   The Archives & Records Association (UK and Ireland) is urging archivists to let them know about proposed changes or cuts to archives services  in local authorities and other organisations.