Twitter is five today!  To add my tuppence ha’penny to the masses of tweeting and other media coverage of this anniversary.  I’ve used twitter seriously for professional networking for a year. I say *seriously*, but actually it’s fun – much talk of tea and cakes.

Here’s five things I value about twitter:

  1. Meeting and chatting to interesting people in the University and locally and getting a feel for what they do at work and what they are like as people.  It’s difficult to have this picture when you just meet people at formal meetings or launches as is the way with so many of my colleagues.
  2. And ditto for librarians, archivists, museum folk, archaeologists, historians and other related professionals everywhere.
  3. Hearing news from those who really know, from the trivial though annoying train problems in the 2010 snow, to world and national events.
  4. Finding and following people who are hubs for information in their sector.
  5. New way of thinking about marketing collections and activities – informal, work in progress, light-hearted, as it happens, much more communicating rather than just broadcasting.

I can’t now imagine my professional life without micro-blogging, and it’s embedded in all future plans for Special Collections at Bradford.