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I’m on strike today and Thursday.  Here’s why: blog post by the local branch of my union, the UCUAs I’ve said before, my job is open-ended, so my going on strike does not have a huge impact on the day.  However, I do so when my union votes that way, because I believe that is the right thing to do, that we have to stand together – my striking might not do much alone, but alongside many others across the University and other universities then maybe it can.

I’ll be using the unexpected time to do some serious work on the Handbook, which was otherwise planned for evenings this week.  So it’s worked out fine.

I do tell colleagues I won’t be in, move meetings, ensure no harm comes to my particular service users, and that the collections remain properly cared for.   I hope the action we are taking will help save universities and the public sector, which in the long run will, I believe, be better for students, academics, other users, and the collections.

(PS – there are circumstances in which I would break a strike: a disaster harming the Special Collections.  Hoping that the picket lines will keep their braziers well away from the Library building!).