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I’m now in the final phase of writing the Handbook.  The deadline is mid-May, so I know what I’m doing for the next month or so.  I have a draft of the whole book, which contains most of the basic information, though I haven’t so far worried too much about style, grammar and punctuation.  Now this rough shape needs polishing, honing, examples, structure.  Fortunately I actually enjoy the editing stage – I love cutting bits of writing about and improving them.

What this also means is that I probably won’t be posting many reflective posts on this blog for the next month or so, though I have some older pieces I hope to complete.  It’s rather frustrating, as I have so many ideas to write about. Expect a flurry of activity once the book is with the publisher!  Mind you, once it’s in I will be creating a way to share updates on the many weblinks that fill the book – at the moment I’m inclining to some kind of mashup involving my zotero library, but I haven’t yet looked into this.  I also intend to use the discipline of writing every day by moving seamlessly into my next writing project, of which more another time.