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This is my last week before the deadline for the Special Collections Handbook.  So I’m a tad busy as you might imagine. I’m learning so much from writing the book – Special Collections everywhere are doing such amazing things, despite all the problems we have.  I’ve got masses of new ideas to try at Bradford.

Note that although they cover the same issues, the book is quite different from this blog. The blog is reflections and news as they occur to me, and is totally personal: it’s my take on things. The book is a structured guide, which aims to offer information and ideas on every aspect of Special Collections work.  Apart from the introduction, it’s not about me or Bradford, it’s about the whole Special Collections community.  I have reined in my love of exclamation marks too!!!!

I chose Zotero to manage my referencing.  I’m very happy with it, it feels intuitive and friendly, and meets my needs well.  Unfortunately I exhausted the free storage in a month, but I’m paying 20 dollars per year for the bigger storage, which I hope will be enough for now.  I’ll write about Zotero in more detail soon.

Our 100 Objects project, which I wrote about earlier this year, has received an Archives Pace Setter award, for being an innovative, well-managed project.  Yay!  I’m speaking about 100 Objects at a forthcoming Archives and Records Association event in York in June.  The event’s all about communicating the value of archives, through social media, the press and other channels.

I also signed up to speak at a Bettakultcha gathering in Bradford. The Bettakultcha format is a bit like pecha kucha, 20 slides for 15 seconds each, and you can talk about anything so long as it’s not a pitch.  The restrictions of the format make it great practice for communicating a message in a short time.   I’m looking forward to the challenge – more on this nearer the time.