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Well, the deadline for the Handbook has passed.  I managed to get half the book 99% how I wanted it, so that has been sent in. The rest is 80% ready.  I wasn’t ready to send it, so will have to do what I can with it asap. Aiming for 1 June now.

In a sense, all the stuff I’ve learned in recent years about the best being the enemy of the good does not apply to this project.  When I’m writing for the web, or blogs, or newsletters, it has to be the right length, on time, and convey the right message to the right audience.  But it doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect.  However, the Handbook is a complex, detailed, PRINTED book, full of references, facts and ideas.  Anything I get wrong stays wrong (unless we do an erratum slip – I love those!  I remember gluing them into books when cataloguing).   (I’m also a bit phobic about the Franzen story – a draft somehow became the published version.  I know this won’t happen, but it’s scary – I make sure all my drafts say DRAFT all over them.)

Anyway, I’ve learned ever such a lot from writing the Handbook. I thought I knew most of the subjects covered inside-out, but there are always new things to learn.  I look forward to sharing some of them on this blog in due course.