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I am in the very very very  last stages of writing the Handbook.  I really hope to have it ready to send off this weekend.  My personal deadline is the start of Wimbledon – I’m not allowed to watch any of it until the Handbook is in (well, not on a proper telly anyway,  I don’t count twitter, web etc).  The real deadline was just before the French Open though, so I am a bit late with it.

Thanks yvettemn for photo!

I’m mainly pruning at the moment  (I’ve gone from 81,000 to 74,000 and need to get below 70,000). So far I think the cuts are improving the work, removing flannel and irrelevancy.  Fortunately I really enjoy honing my writing.  Then I need to sort out the references and bibliography.  That side I don’t enjoy (does anyone??), even with Zotero to help, but it has to be done.

Better get on with it!