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It all went very quiet with the Handbook over the summer.  I was on hols, super editor on hols, other Facet folk on hols …

Anyway, it’s all happening again.  I’ll be getting a list of queries from the copy editor in a week or so, and then proofs sometime in October, which I will need to check; I’ll also be doing the index.   It’s exciting – I’ve published in printed form before, but not really been involved in the copy/proof side.

I think I will find it strange to return to the book.  I lived with it so intensely from April to June, and then it was over.  I haven’t looked at the text since I sent it off, though of course the issues discussed are part of my working life and I’m always engaging with and writing about them.

I don’t exactly look forward to the copy/proof stage, but I know that it is necessary to make the book the very best it can be, as useful as possible to its readers.  I’m not precious about my text.   I expect that my grammar and punctuation will be dodgy in places – I have certain quirks, and constant use of social media probably hasn’t helped.  It’s great that Facet edit their books properly.  I always think it’s so sad when a book which could have been amazing with a bit of care (sorting the structure, honing the text)  just comes out as OK.  I’m determined that won’t happen to Handbook.

(Cheers to -Kj. for the pic, from flickr).