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My IT colleagues have set up a new service which is proving rather handy.  The unified messaging service sends my answerphone voice messages to my email account as .wav files.  Clever!


Telephone, from plenty.r's flickr photostream

It works for me because I can,

  • Get messages wherever I’m working in the Library providing I have email access i.e. the reading room, the strongrooms etc.
  • Get messages when working from home or elsewhere (but as they are sent to my work email, I don’t have to look at them when I’m not working).
  • Manage messages as I do my inbox and folders, integrating them into an existing system that works for me.

The best thing though?  The thing that makes this service really worthwhile?

  • The email includes the phone number of the person who left the message!  Yay!  So it no longer matters if they forgot to say it, or rushed it, or mumbled it …

If your working life, like mine, involves many offices, reading room duty etc, this sort of service may be worth exploring.  I suspect there may be downsides,  but at present it is helping me provide a better service to readers and other people contacting us.