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I’ve been delighted by all the comments and twitter response to the post about Fellowship.   It was timely both on a small scale – that very day Annie Mauger’s piece about Fellowship appeared in CILIP Update – and larger, as CILIP are reviewing qualifications as part of the Future Skills Project.

There are Fellows out there and all I’ve encountered are very positive about the process.   There are also folks who have been pondering Fellowship for some time.  I don’t think that’s a bad thing; it merits some thinking about, rather than just doing because it is the next hurdle.

It is apparent that the rules may be excluding worthwhile candidates, because they are based on years of full-time work.  Nowadays it is possible to keep up with and contribute to the profession without necessarily being in paid full-time employment e.g. via social media, informal networking etc.    I know quite a few people who are very involved and are unemployed, part-time, on maternity leave etc.: that is the reality of modern-day professional life.

I’ve offered to run a twitter chat session on Fellowship, probably in mid-March so I have time to think about it and so do other people.  This will be along the lines of the very successful Chartership ones.  The hashtag seems to have settled as #fclip which is short and sweet.  If the session works out, will make it a regular event.

A wiki has also been offered (thank you to @rangtang !) so will let you know when that is ready.