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I just signed up for 23 Things for Professional Development!*

Lemon Sorbet: Served with Lemon Twist & Blackberries

I didn’t join in last year because the Handbook took over my life.  While I’ve probably done most of the Things anyway because it’s stuff I like to do, signing up properly this time will encourage me to look again at them and to consider the ones I haven’t yet encountered.

The UDC Project is also taking over my life, but it doesn’t stop me blogging, which is the core of the 23 Things experience.  I often blog a bit before starting a writing session.   Doing a wee blog is like a palate-cleanser, a lemon sorbet perhaps, before the serious business of the Main Course.  Anyway, it’s all about relaxing into writing and getting into what I might have to call the zone.

*23 what???

23  Things is a self-directed course to help librarians and info professionals explore social media and web tools.  It unfolds week by week and is very friendly and flexible.  It is also free!  This year’s course begins 7 May.

I think 23 Things has particular value for those of us who work with special collections – I list it as a key resource on the Handbook’s web site.  I’ll reflect a bit more on 23 Things and the way I think professional development is going some other time.

PS The delicious piccie of lemon sorbet with blackberries is from the flickr photostream of Julia Frost, I Believe I can Fry.  Thank you!