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Ha!  Thing 2 is a treat.   Reading and commenting on blogs is already a vital part of my professional life.  Through blogs I  …

Detail of embroidered binding, possibly by May Morris, from St Andrew's University 52 Weeks of Fantastic Bindings

Detail of embroidered binding, possibly by May Morris, my favourite from University of St Andrews 52 Weeks of Fantastic Bindings.

Find out about other people’s amazing, beautiful collections and get great ideas for flaunting our own:

Follow the progress of interesting projects:

Get up-to-date info from expert and enthusiastic colleagues:

Share research/insight into things I don’t have time to master or even think about:

(I notice incidentally that at least four of these bloggers – plus me of course – have published books on information matters.  Makes sense for several reasons e.g. if you’re drawn to writing, you’re more likely to blog.  If you blog, you’re more likely to be spotted by a publisher.  Etc.)

Image above shared courtesy Univ of St Andrews use of creative commons licence -thanks!