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Another Thing that’s part of my life: hooray!  I already monitor my online presence,  just as I keep an eye on what is being said about the Handbook, the Project, Special Collections at Bradford, the University, and key collections people e.g. J.B. Priestley.  I can then engage with what is said – or not – but at least I know.  I favour Google Alerts at the moment though no doubt will get new ideas from the Things.

Elephant from Mlle Map's flickr stream

courtesy Mlle Map’s flickr stream

Usually I monitor current stuff.  But for this exercise, thought I’d go a bit deeper.  Found some weird little time capsules when I peeped below the first page or so of search results e.g. my plaintive cry for help with a short lived university wiki that I HAD FORGOTTEN EVER EXISTED!  Which goes to show, that unlike me, the web never forgets … it’s a bit of a Webephant really*

Thinking about this Thing also reminded me I jolly must get rid of my white gloves avatar.  Have you seen PD5454??  (of which more another time …) The gloves were popped up in one of those aagh need a photo moments but, as is the way of these things, they stayed.   NOT ANY MORE!

The personal/professional dilemma isn’t huge for me because I don’t use social media in my personal life.  However, I could do with considering online presence for my non-librarianly writing … but that’s another story.

*alluding to Welephant – adorable fire safety elephantocreature.