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Oops, I missed a couple of Things out from my bumper round-up last night.

RSS feeds.  Yes, handy!  I also use Google Alerts  (really useful for picking up on mention of collection creators such as J.B. Priestley in unexpected places) and the WordPress Reader.

Storify.  This was new to me – welcomed chance to find out more about it.  I think it has potential for curating web presence of particular events … I have some ideas for future use re exhibitions and conferences … watch this space!

Incidentally, I find the other Thingers’ responses so interesting!  Why does someone else respond to Evernote with joy when I’m indifferent or look baffled at Twitter when I totally get it?  Personalities, experience, preferred ways of working? The great thing about the Things is that they encourage us to try such a range of new tools, out of which we’re all bound to find something that helps us.