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Good to see the draft Archive Service Accreditation Standard out for comment.  I feel rather fond of it, having helped to co-create by coming along to one of the workshops and commenting on the website.

At first glance (all I’ve had time for, given that I’m doing the final push on the UDC report this week),  the requirements make sense to me and the different scales and missions of archives are taken into account.  The draft is now being piloted: find out more in this blog post by Melinda Haunton.

I’d have been interested in co-piloting (I like this co- prefix), but there is too much going on; however I will watch progress with interest.  I’ll also bear accreditation in mind when revising policies and procedures.  Hoping that this Standard will prove to be a great tool for advocacy: demonstrating good management and helping to make case for more investment.