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Katie Birkwood – Girl in the moon – gathers interesting special collections and archives links via scoop.it every week (or via RSS feed if you prefer).  Job adverts, news, campaigns, pretty images, lectures and events.  Find out more on Katie’s blog.   I was thrilled to meet this fantastic knee-less medieval elephant on this week’s list.  He’s from the British Library’s blog – a fascinating post about elephants in medieval manuscripts.


Detail of a miniature of an elephant; from a herbal, Italy (Lombardy), c. 1440, Sloane MS 4016, f. 50v. from British Library blog


These are exactly the sorts of things that get shared on twitter.  By capturing them in this way, Katie is making them available for longer.  Her lists are very helpful if you’ve been away, or are a twitterphobe.

I’m delighted Katie is doing this and has found a way of automating it.  I had a go at doing something similar manually (i.e. collecting links and then blogging about them)  a while ago, but I gave it up quite quickly – I just didn’t have the time to sustain it.  This way makes much more sense.  I really like the way social media makes it possible to curate and share things so much more easily.   I’m toying with using scoop.it to do something long-considered: curate Priestley stuff on the web …