Pretty comprehensive list of recent publications and a few older ones.

Clement, Ellie and Cullingford, Alison “A library for peace: the Commonweal Collection“.  Information for Social Change, issue 25.

Cullingford, Alison.  100 Objects Special Collections online exhibition.  Archives Pace Setter award winner. 2011-

Cullingford, Alison. Art and Archives: the Remarkable Ted Edwards. Gallery II University of Bradford. 2006.

Cullingford, Alison Celebrating Jacquetta Hawkes. Ilkley Manor House Museum, part of Ilkley Literature Festival. October 2010.

Cullingford, Alison.  Conservation and Preservation in the Professional Education of Librarians.  University of Sheffield, 1993. My MA thesis, published as an occasional paper by the Department of Information Studies.

Cullingford, Alison “J.B. Priestley” in The Encyclopedia of Twentieth-Century Fiction. Wiley-Blackwell, 2010.

Cullingford, Alison.  “J.B. Priestley’s war experience” chapter in Woods, Mike (ed.). Bradford in the Great War. Sutton, 2007.

Cullingford, Alison.  “Marketing English Journey 1934: the story of a remarkable scrapbook” in Priestley, J.B. English Journey. 75th anniversary edition. Great Northern Books, 2009. Revised version in the Journal of the J.B. Priestley Society vol. 10.

Cullingford, Alison Past, Present, Man, Nature. Online exhibit about the life and ideas of Jacquetta Hawkes, 2010.

Cullingford, Alison. Peggy Smith: Drawing for Peace. Gallery II University of Bradford. 2009.

Cullingford, Alison Priestley’s Finest Hour.  An online series of reflections on J.B. Priestley’s 1940 Postscript radio broadcasts, week by week as they happened.  June-October 2010.

Cullingford, Alison. Review of Managing and Growing a Cultural Heritage Web Presence by Mike Ellis (Facet, 2011) Rare Books Newsletter, 92, July 2012. p. 20-21.

Cullingford, Alison.  Review of Marketing Libraries in a Web 2.0 World (IFLA, 2011).  Rare Books Newsletter, 91, January 2012, p.7.

Cullingford, Alison.  The Special Collections Handbook, Facet Publishing, 2011.

Cullingford, Alison “UK Peace Activity 1945-1957” in Oxford International Encyclopaedia of Peace. Oxford University Press, 2010.

Dooley, Jackie M., Rachel Beckett, Alison Cullingford, Katie Sambrook, Chris Sheppard, and Sue Worrall Survey of Special Collections and Archives in the United Kingdom and Ireland. OCLC Research, 2013.

Mertens, Mike and Garcia-Ontiveros, Dunia, with assistance from Alison Cullingford and Lisa Jeskins  Hidden Collections: Report of the findings of the RLUK Retrospective Cataloguing Survey in association with The London Library RLUK, 2012.  I helped prepare the survey report for publication, as part of the RLUK Unique and Distinctive Collections Project.



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