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Well, I’ve had a go at Code Year.  I trundled quite happily through the first lesson.  However, I realised that I was doing the work mechanically: if my answer was wrong, I tried other ways until I got it right.  But I didn’t understand why I was wrong or right.  The exercises assume knowledge of many terms and there is little explanation or context.

I considered giving up, because let’s face it I have so much else going on at the moment.  However, I’m sticking with it for now because I do feel the lack of these skills and know it will help me and my service if I can built them up a little.   Code Year is a great opportunity to do this because so many other people are doing the same, which is inspiring.  I’ve decided to do the exercises in bigger chunks and to seek out some good resources to help.  I’ll be starting my search with the resources on the catcode wiki.